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Introduction to Karu Artic Bushcraft

On the Introduction to Karu Artic Bushcraft course, you will learn about winter equipment, how to move around in nature in winter and how to survive any dangerous situations. You will learn about temporary accommodation suitable for winter conditions and the consumption of energy when staying outdoors in winter. You will stay the night in a large heated tent outdoors.

For whom?

For everyone who is interested in artic bushcraft skills. Attendants should have some experience in basic bushcraft skills, but it is not mandatory. Training does not require any special physical characteristics and is not heavy physically, but we will move around outdoors during the course.



You will try the following skills:

  • Safety instructions

  • Equipment and clothing in cold weather

  • Permanent and temporary accommodation suitable for winter

  • Navigating using a map and compass and selecting a route in winter

  • Energy consumption and nutrition

  • Hazardous situations and survival

Content of the course:

  • All food enjoyed during the course

  • All equipment and material required during training

  • Personal guidance

  • Transportation from Joensuu


To be noted:

Attendees must take out insurance and have a backpack, basic outdoor equipment, sleeping bag, mattress, tent or similar and seasonal clothing. Clients must be in a normal state of health.

More detailed instructions will be sent before the course begins.