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Karu Lakeland Canoeing Trip

Season: May-September
Duration: 5 hours canoeing + travel time
Course size: 6-16
Prize: 125 €/person


Kolovesi National Park is one of the most beautiful canoeing locations in Finland. It is a protected habitat of the Saimaa ringed seal, and no motor vehicles are allowed. This picturesque national park is renowned for its unique islands and steep rocky shores.


lakeland canoeing

The quiet is broken only by the wind, birdsong and the gently lapping water.

lakeland finland

The trip includes:

  • The basics of canoeing
  • Canoe and lifejacket

  • All food enjoyed during the trip

  • Transportation from the city of Joensuu

national park lakeland

Please note:

Participants must have valid insurance. The trip is also suitable for families. This canoe trip do not require any previous skills.