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Karu Open Fire Cooking

Duration: 6 h / 24 h                                                                                                                                       Course size: 6-16                                                                                                                                              Prize: 6 h course 100 € / person, 24 h course 150 € / person. Children under 15 years 50 € / person.

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On the Karu Open Fire Cooking course, you will learn different ways of cooking food over an open fire and how to store food in nature. We will use high-quality ingredients from local producers and everything that nature has to offer. Finland's watercourses are clean – you can also try to catch your meal directly from the lake.


Who is the course for?

Everyone who is interested in preparing food over an open fire. These courses do not require any previous skills. Karu Open Fire Cooking course is also suitable for families.


open fire cooking

On this course, you will learn:

  • Different ways to cook food over an open fire

  • Food hygiene and storage

  • Different ways to make a fire and uses

  • How to make different cooking equipment outdoors

  • Handling meat and fish

  • Preparing vegetables over an open fire

  • Baking bread over an open fire

cookin fish over an open fire

Kurssin sisältö:

  • All food enjoyed during the course

  • All equipment and material required during training

  • Personal guidance

Lihasuikaleet ovat valmiina savustukseen.

Lihasuikaleet ovat valmiina savustukseen.

Please note:

Participants must have valid insurance as well as appropriate clothing for the season.

More detailed instructions will be sent before the course begins.