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Karu Canoeing Expedition

Season: May-October

Duration: Sunday-Saturday

Course size: 6-16

Prize: 735 €/person

Dates 2019: 19th of May - 25th of May / 8th of September - 14th of September

Dates 2020: 17th of May - 23th of May /20th of September - 26th of September


Finland is one of the richest countries in Europe in terms of the number of watercourses. Karu’s guides will take you on a journey to the Finnish lake district – a unique and partly protected region. The narrow rivers that wind through the wilderness and the dark lakes offer a breathtakingly beautiful setting for canoeing. Travelling in a canoe lets you slip through the water silently and truly be part of nature. On the Karu Canoeing Expedition, you can enjoy the colourful autumn or the waking spring in all of their beauty, and also learn important bushcraft skills. Go fishing, and prepare your catch over an open fire under the supervision of our guides.

Who is the expedition for?

The Karu Canoeing Expedition is for everyone interested in staying outdoors and who wants to learn more or improve their skills during a guided canoeing trip. During this one-week expedition, you will learn or revise the most important bushcraft skills required under the guidance of professional and clear instructors. You will learn about the cycles of the Nordic nature, and the local plants and animals. The course teaches you the skills to go canoeing outdoors independently and develop your skills on your own.

The last night of the course will have shelter nights in a cabin or hotel, so that you are well rested after the course.


Koloveden kansallispuisto

Koloveden kansallispuisto

Step away from it all as your canoe glides silently on the water. Become one with nature.

saimaa ringed seal

During the expedition, you will learn:

  • The basics of canoeing

  • The basics of navigation

  • How to cook food over an open fire and use a portable stove

  • Food hygiene and storage

  • Different ways to make a fire and their uses

  • How to make different cooking equipment outdoors

  • The basics of first aid

  • What to do if you fall into water


camping finland

The trek includes:

  • Canoe and lifejacket

  • Water broof pack for personal gear / 65 liter

  • One meal prepared over an open fire during the expedition

  • All the meals during the expedition

    • Breakfast x 6

    • Snack x 13

    • Lunch x 7

    • Dinner x 6

    • Supper x 6

  • Last nights in indoor accommodation

  • Transportation from the city of Joensuu


Please note:

Participants must have valid insurance, and have a sleeping bag, shelter and clothing suitable for the season. Participants must be in a normal state of health. This canoe trip do not require any previous skills.

More detailed instructions will be sent to participants before the course begins.

paddling finland