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Karu Eastern Frontier Expedition

Season: May-September
Duration: Sunday to Friday
Course size: 6-16
Prize: 700 €/person

  • Dates 2019: 29th of June - 6th of July

  • Dates 2020: 16th of August - 21th of August (Note! 5 days, PRICE: 550€)

During the Karu Eastern Frontier Expedition, you will see a wonderful overview of the wilderness of eastern Finland and the Nordic midsummer night. You will walk across broad, uninhabited expanses and see the best of the lively and pure summer nature. The expedition will pass through land inside and outside natural parks. The many clean watercourses allow you to fish and swim in natural water. The days’ stages range from five to 15 kilometres. The slow pace allows you to relax and enjoy the true Finnish wilds. During the expedition, you will get a good night's sleep in a tent listening to nature’s chorus. Where possible, we will also stay in wilderness huts.

Who is the expedition for?

The Karu Expedition is for everyone who is interested in spending time outdoors and in learning more or improving their skills during a guided expedition. During this one-week expedition, you will learn the most important bushcraft skills required on an expedition under the guidance of professional and clear instructors. You will learn about the cycles of Nordic nature, and the local plants and animals. The course teaches you the skills you need to trek outdoors independently and develop your skills on your own.

The last night of the course will have shelter nights in a cabin or hotel, so that you are well rested before and after the course.


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During the expedition, you will learn:

  • The basics of trekking

  • The basics of navigation

  • How to cook food over an open fire and use a portable stove

  • Food hygiene and storage

  • Different ways to make a fire and their uses

  • How to make different cooking equipment outdoors

  • The basics of first aid

  • What to do if you get lost

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The expeditions includes:

  • One meal prepared over an open fire

  • First last nights in indoor accommodation

  • Transportation from the city of Joensuu

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Please note:

Participants must have valid insurance, bring their own meals, and have a sleeping bag, shelter and clothing suitable for the season.

More detailed instructions will be sent to participants before the course begins.