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Karu Gorge Tour

Season: June-September
Duration: 6 hours hiking + travel time
Course size: 6-16
Prize: 85 € / person


Kolvananuuro Gorge is a breath-taking sight carved out by Ice Age glaciers in North Karelia. At the bottom of the gorge, a clear stream winds between large glacial erratic rocks. Winter turns to spring about one month earlier at the bottom of the gorge than on the slopes. In Kolvananuuro, the rugged landscape reveals traces of the Ice Age. Over a short distance, the gorge offers a full overview of nature in eastern Finland. The trail travels along the side of steep cliffs and through bogs and old coniferous forests. At the end, it rises to the peak of a fell, opening up a magnificent vista.


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The hike includes:

  • Campfire coffee or natural herbal tea

  • Transportation from Joensuu


Please note:

Participants must have valid insurance. The hike is also suitable for families. Please consider, that the trail is challenging in parts, and it is not recommended for small children. This hike do not require any previous skills.


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