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Karu Instructors

Karu’s bushcraft instructors are seasoned professionals with roots deep in the soil of eastern Finland.

Karu’s instructors specialise in survival training and the arctic region. They all have excellent leadership skills and solid experience in guiding groups of different ages and skills. All our instructors have first aid skills for demanding situations, which they keep up to date.


Karu Survival helps its participants experience nature at its best, following the principles of sustainable development, and without damaging the environment.

Gourmeeta luonnossa

Mikko Kettunen

Founder, Head instructor

mikko@karusurvival.com   |   +358 44 510 0879

Mikko is the founder of Karu Survival and the company's head instructor.

He has 16 years of experience as a ranger and recon instructor in the Finnish Defence Forces, and in training leadership and small group dynamics. Mikko specialises in survival training and extreme arctic conditions.

Mikko believes that people are always part of nature. In nature, it is easier for us to understand what our place in the world is. Without nature, we cannot understand our roots, or our history. Mikko wants to bring nature and the outdoors closer to people.

Juhani Nevalainen

Head instructor

Juhani has nine years of experience in training ranger and recon troops in northern and eastern Finland in the Finnish Defence Forces. He specialises in survival training and extreme conditions.

Juhani believes that nature and people complement one another. Juhani also believes that learning bushcraft skills brings people closer to nature and help us to take a breather to observe reality.

Juhani is passionate about fly fishing and also leads Karu’s fly fishing courses.

 Rick van der Velde

Founder and owner and head instructor of Bushpappa, Webshop and Bushcraft/Survival school. In his young days Rick could always be found climbing in trees and wandering thru the forest. Some things never change and Rick can not imagine not being in the forest at least every week. Rick followed several courses since 2010 to become a professional Bushcraft &amp; Survival instructor and is a member of the Survival Guild Finland.

Rick believes it is in everyone’s nature to be at home in nature, some people just needs to be reminded how.

More information: https://www.bushpappa.nl







Timo "Tipi" Pesonen

Instructor, Karu´s master chef