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Karu Rough Raider

- In the Spirit of Finnish Longe Range Patrols

Season: January-March
Duration: Sunday-Sunday
Course size: 6-16
Prize: 1200 €/person


Karu Rough Raider is a ski expedition of approximately 60 kilometres in the spirit of Finnish long-range patrols. You will learn about long-range patrolling during the Winter War. Long-range patrols were carried out by Finnish soldiers who performed demanding special missions during the Winter War. On this course, you will learn about long-range patrol missions and the equipment required. The expedition is performed as a simulated mission, during which we will carry out different missions in imaginary long-range patrol scenarios. During the expedition, you will ski on the snow and stay outdoors under the stars around a campfire. The course starts with a training period.

Who is the expedition for?

The ski expedition offering experiences in military history is intended for adventurous outdoor enthusiasts who possess basic bushcraft skills. The ski expedition is challenging. You do not need any previous experience in skiing.

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During the expedition, you will learn:

  • The general bushcraft skills required in long-range patrolling

  • Replacement and supply activities

  • Equipment used in long-range patrolling

  • What to do when chased

  • Your mental and physical limits


Karu a la carte in the woods

The trek includes:

  • Training and lectures

  • Skis

  • Sauna, feedback event and Karu à la carte dinner after the trek

  • First and last nights in indoor accommodation

  • Transportation from the city of Joensuu

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Please note:

Participants must have valid insurance, bring their own meals, and have camping gear, a shelter and clothing suitable for the season. Participants must be in a normal state of health. The ski expedition is challenging.

More detailed instructions will be sent to participants before the course begins.