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Karu Sacred Koli

Season: May-September
Duration: 3 hours hiking + travel time
Course size: 6-16
Prize: 55 €/person

The Karu Sacred Koli is a trip through old Finnish mythology and a world of beliefs. Koli is a sacred place where powerful sorcerers lived until the 20th century. Nature affected people’s everyday lives, so the people paid their respects to it. During the Karu Sacred Koli tour, you can admire the sacred parts of Koli and enjoy the Finland´s Best Loved National Landscape.

myths of kalevala

Experience Koli from an exciting new angle, and step into a world of tales and folklore.


The hike includes:

  • Campfire coffee/natural herbal tea

  • Transportation from Joensuu or Koli


Finland's Best Loved National Landscape
activity koli

Please note:

Participants must have valid insurance. The hike is also suitable for families. This hike do not require any previous skills.