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Karu Arctic Summer Expedition: Fell Halti

Season: July - August

Duration: 7 Days

Course size: 4-8

Prize: 1200 €/person

Dates: 2020 / 15th of August - 21th of August


Karu Survival's Arctic Summer Expedition takes you on an unforgettable journey to the wilderness of Northern Finland. The goal of your trip is Finland's highest peak, the Halti Fell located inside the Arctic Circle. During your trip, you will learn about nordic nature and culture as you hike through areas in which reindeer are traditionally still herded. In this part of Lapland, nature is harsh and yet strikingly beautiful, full of crystal clear rivers and small wilderness lakes. The landscape of the area is rocky, with wild meadows and the occasional waterfall.

The weather conditions in the area can vary and even though the expedition is in August, it is still possible to see snow on some fell peaks. Daily conditions can change from sunny daytime temperatures to cold, frosty nights. Our daily distances to travel are usually between 12 to 20 km. This is the part of Finland that calls people back, again and again. Lapland casts a spell on all who experience the stark natural beauty of the North and they leave different from when they arrive.

Your expedition is led by Karu Survival's professional guides, they are hunters, gatherers and experienced in the Great Outdoors. They are specialized in arctic conditions, long distance trekking and they all speak English fluently

Who is the expedition for?

Karu Survival's Arctic Summer Expedition is for people who enjoy Great Outdoors and have some previous experience of week long hikes. Halti trail is one of the roughest hiking trails in Finland but it is also very rewarding. Participants should have good mental and physical stamina as well as normal health.


 DAY 1. Salmivaara - Saarijärvi 13km                   

You will meet your guides 8am at the Pick-upp location in Rovaniemi and your journey to Kilpisjärvi starts. Driving time is approximately 5 hours.  After arriving to Kilpisjärvi you will go through safety instructions and gear check. First days hiking distance is 13km. You will be at Saarijärvi late at night.

 DAY 2. Saarijärvi - Meekonjärvi 18km

Second days hiking distance is 18km. During the day you will have several breaks. this is our first long day of hiking and you have enough time to get used to the rucksackand walking.

 DAY 3. Meekonjärvi - Pitsusjärvi 12km

Third days hiking distance is 12km. During the day you will see beautiful wild rivers and rapids. Days hike is easy and you have plenty of time for relaxing and enjoying the nature. At the Pitsusjärvi we will establish a base camp for conquering the fell Halti.

 DAY 4. Pitsusjärvi - Fell Halti - Pitsusjärvi 24km

Fourth days goal is to conquer fell Halti. In the morning we will back lightly as we start our journey to top of Halti. Days hike is the longest of our journey but we will do it with daypacks only. If you think you want to just relax and rest your feet, you can also stay at the base camp.

 DAY 5. Pitsusjärvi - Meekojärvi 12km 

On a fifth day you will start your journey back to the civilisation. Days hike is easy as we go back to the Meekojärvi where we have plenty of time for resting before our longest hiking day.

 DAY 6. Meekojärvi - Saarijärvi 18km

Day six is your last long day of hiking. During our hike we can re-live our days and start thinking what we are going to eat when we get back to the civilisation. This day is for hiking as you enjoy the trail.

 DAY 7. Saarijärvi - Kilpisjärvi 13km

This is our last day. Your step is light as we come to the end of out journey. You have done something that many of the Finns dream. From Kilpisjärvi we start our journey back to Rovaniemi and home.


During the expedition, you will learn:

  • History and culture of arctic area

  • basics of long distance hiking


Relaxing in fells

The trek includes:

•   Guides

•   Trangia burner (1 for 2 person) if needed

•   Tents (shared for 3 person)

•   TransportationRovaniemi - Kilpisjärvi - Rovaniemi

Halti hiking6.JPG

Please note:

Participants must have valid insurance, bring their own meals, and have hiking gear and clothing suitable for the season. Participants must be in a normal state of health. The hikig expedition is challenging. Karu Survival will provide tents but participants can also bring their own ones.

More detailed instructions will be sent to participants before the course begins.