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Karu Bushcraft Basic

Duration: Sunday - Sunday  

Course size: 6-16

Prize: 735 €/ person

Dates 2019 : 9th of June - 16th of June

Dates 2020: 28th of June - 5th of July

Karu Bushcraft Basic takes place in the North Karelia region in eastern Finland. This one-week course teaches you comprehensive bushcraft skills under the guidance of professional and clear instructors. The course teaches you skills to get around independently in wild environments and develop your skills on your own. You will stay the night in a tent or in similar shelter.

The last nights of the course will have accommodation in a cabin or hotel, so that you are well rested after the course. 

Who is the course for?

The Karu Bushcraft Basic course is for everyone interested in bushcraft skills who wants to learn new skills or expand their existing skills.


DAY 1. Arrival: Security and safety, gear check up, training area presentation and hygiene late night supper on campfire

DAY 2. Tools: Knife handling, axe handling, saw handling and fire basics

DAY 3. Shelter: Shelter basics

DAY 4. Living skills: Cooking, hand crafts, navigation

DAY 5. Frontier skills: Navigation with map and compass

DAY 6. Food: Open fire cooking

DAY 7. EndEx: Leave no trace. Transportation to Hotel in Joensuu

DAY 8. Back home: Transportation to train station and airport in the morning

(Karu Survival will keep right to change the program if needed)

making fire in traditional way

You will learn the following skills:

  • Handling an axe, saw and knife

  • Making fire

  • Temporary shelter

  • The basics of using a map and compass

  • Preparing food over an open fire

  • Outdoor hygiene

  • First aid

fish soup over an open fire

The course includes:

  • All food enjoyed during the course

  • All equipment and material required during training and to keep Mora Companion Heavy Duty knife and 1,2l Zepra Billycan

  • Personal guidance

  • Transportation from city of Joensuu

herkulliseen pannuleipään voit lisätä marjoja mausteeksi.

herkulliseen pannuleipään voit lisätä marjoja mausteeksi.


Please note:

Participants must have valid insurance, as well as a backpack, basic outdoor equipment, a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tent or similar and clothing suitable for the season. Participants must be in a normal state of health.

More detailed instructions will be sent to participants before the course begins.