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Karu Bushcraft courses:


In a global society, it is important to know who we are and where we come from. The traditions of bushcraft and living as part of nature go back centuries in Finland. It’s still important for modern people to know traditional bushcraft skills in order to understand our history and to rediscover the relationship with nature that we have begun to forget.


The wilderness and natural waters of North Karelia and the Finnish lake district offer one of the most beautiful and natural settings in the world to learn bushcraft skills. Karu’s instructors are seasoned professionals who specialise in survival training and the arctic region.

Karu's bushcraft courses will teach you all the skills you need for living and surviving outdoors, in authentic conditions. Finland’s four very distinct seasons and unspoiled nature offer experiences and challenges for even the most experienced outdoor enthusiasts.

Karu's courses will teach you bushcraft and survival skills from leading Finnish experts with roots firmly planted in the soil of eastern Finland. All our teaching is professional, clear and safe, and our instructors always teach and guide personally. Sitting around the campfire, you can listen to exciting stories about the Finnish wilderness. The course programmes have been designed so that there is never a dull moment[KN1] . However, there will still be time to observe and enjoy the surrounding nature.

Experience – learn – understand – master and enjoy unforgettable experiences in the easternmost wilderness in Europe.




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Introduction to Karu Artic Bushcraft


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