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Karu Hiking Trips and Expeditions:

Spend an unforgettable week in the Finnish wilderness. In spring, witness nature reawakening after the long winter, and experience the summer’s midnight sun. In autumn, you can admire the splendour of the colours of the forests and enjoy all the berries and mushrooms nature has to offer. The Finnish winter features unbroken snow and clear starry skies during cold nights. If you are lucky, you may also meet a bear, elk, beaver or other creatures in the uninhabited wilderness.


Take a breath of pure, clean air and feel the liberating power of silence. The sounds of the wind sighing through thousands of trees takes you back an age when people were part of nature, and the nature set the pace.



Short hikes:


Karu Gorge Tour


Karu Koli´s Heritage


Karu Ice Fishing

Karu Rocky Lake Tour


Karu Canoeing Trip to a Wild Lake


Karu Family Adventure

Karu Sacred Koli


Karu Lakeland Canoeing Trip


Karu Frontier Skiing Trip



Karu Eastern Frontier Expedition


Karu Rough Raider

Arctic Hike Halti

Karu Eastern Frontier Arctic Expedition


Karu Koli Expedition

Karu Canoeing Expedition


Karu Frontier River Adventure