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Eastern Frontier Info

Europe´s easternmost frontier is located in North Karelia, Finland next to a Russian border. Total area of the province is 21 583,67 km2. About 20% of area is water and 70% of total area is covered by forest. North Karelia has large density of bears, wolfs, wolverines and lynx`s as well as moose´s and beavers.


You will try following skills:

  • Handling an axe, saw and knife

  • Making fire

  • Building temporary shelter

  • The basics of using a map and compass

  • Preparing food over an open fire

  • Outdoor hygiene

  • First aid

clean water

The course includes:

  • All food enjoyed during the course

  • All equipment and material required during training

  • Personal guidance


Please note:

Participants must have valid insurance as well as a sleeping bag, sleeping pad and appropriate clothing for the season.
Participants will stay the night in a temporary shelter built during the course, weather permitting. It is also possible to stay the night in heated tents. Participants must be in a normal state of health.

More detailed instructions will be sent before the course begins.